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AFA Leaders Conference #afalc2013 @AgFutureAmerica

When using Twitter a reporter can create a presence and garner an audience to promote and represent events. In class we focused on the important factors to keep in mind when utilizing social media to promote an event. These factors include knowing the basics, sharing and gathering information, brand management, contributing to the community, engaging with the community, stating your opinion while remaining professional, and positively representing the organization and event.

Recently I attended a leadership conference in Kansas City, Missouri. The conference promoted their use of Twitter during the event and promoted the delegates to utilize Twitter during the conference as much as possible. I took this as an advantage to promote the event and share with my followers what was happening at the 2013 Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Conference using Twitter. The hashtag used for the event was #afalc2013 and the organizations handle was @AgFutureAmerica. The conference also included a number of guest speakers who also had their own handles that I was able to implement during the event.

Check out my Twitter account to see my live Tweeting at the AFA Leaders Conference. @SamiJoHeitsch

What I enjoyed most about Tweeting this event was continuously updating my Twitter followers about what myself and the AFA delegates were being taught. However, this was challenging for me because my duties were not to serve as a public relations worker, I was primarily there to serve as a participant. This lead to some of my Tweets being used in the first person view. I did my best to stay in the third person view, but I am glad we were given this assignment because I realized I have to prepare myself for the given role when I attend an event. These roles are whether or not I am promoting the event as a public relations representative or a participant. For this reason, instead of interviewing other delegates, I retweeted what they were saying during the conference. I thought this was a creative way to share their opinions and gain more followers on Twitter.

Once I returned from Missouri, I spoke to a lot of people and they shared with me that they enjoyed following me and reading about the AFA Leaders Conference. I really enjoy using social media to promote events and I know I will utilize it in my future career.


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