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“Dancing at UW,” soundslides project with Brittany Hamilton.

“When you gather audio and photos for a news story, you are making the story more marketable. Your story can now be told with images, with sound, or with both. Not only will you have captions for your photos, but you’ll have a voice and ambient noise that compliment the captions.” This is a perfect description used on the uwyojournalism blog to describe the purpose of creating a Soundslides project.

Soundslides is a program that we used to combine audio and photography to make a final presentation on “Dancing at UW.” Brittany Hamilton and I worked as partners. We divided the work into photography and audio. Brittany focused on the photography and I focused on the audio. Brittany was an absolute joy to work with, and I believe we challenged our creative thinking and created an innovative news angle that does a great job promoting dance organizations at the University of Wyoming.

Brittany and I had a challenging task deciding what dance organizations to implement into our story. I believe we did a great job picking Zumba, Belly Dancing and Cowboy Country Swing Club, and it was a lot of fun creating this project and accumulating the audio and photographs to do so. Brittany did a fabulous job taking the pictures and I believe the continuity between the photographs and the audio blends seamlessly.

Brittany was the mastermind behind using Soundslides. I did run into an obstacle when trying to upload the audio. Brittany uses a Dell computer and I use an Apple computer, so we had to do a lot of converting the files and emailing to make it compatible for the Soundslides system. Once we were able to resolve those problems it came together. The only other problem we ran into was having more time to finish the project, as I had to leave early for my leadership conference.

If I would have changed something about this project it would have been the amount of time we had for the project. This story could have easily covered eight minutes. But I am grateful to learn the techniques of shortening stories and interviewing for short soundbites.

Check out the video: Dancing Around the University of Wyoming


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