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“My Name is Denise Caskey and I am a practicing Pagan,” by Sami Jo Heitsch

Photo by brandingirononline.info

Photo by brandingirononline.info
Video by Pagan101

When Mike Brown came and spoke to our class about using the Audacity program, my favorite quote from him was, “Editing audio is actively creating pictures in your mind.”

I enjoyed audio editing using Audacity. This was my first time using the Audacity program and I am not sure I took full advantage of the different tools and effects. However, I did implement a lot of fade in and out effects and I adjusted the amplitude and frequency.

The tool that helped me the most during my audio editing experience was the zoom tool. The zoom tool makes it really easy to precisely delete the audio that I did not need, and not take away sound that was vital to the story.

The only challenge that I faced was exporting the audio into the MP3 version and getting it uploaded into Soundcloud. The only reason that became an issue was because the UW internet was not working correctly and Soundcould would not upload the audio. Once I uploaded the file on my personal computer I did not have any problems.

After editing Denise’s audio, I have decided I that really enjoy audio editing and interviewing. Mike Brown was correct when he said you are actively creating a picture in your mind, and as the mastermind creating the audio, it becomes addicting. I hope to find a career where I can edit audio and bring different stories to life.

Here is my final edited audio story, “My name is Denise Caskey and I am a practicing Pagan.”


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