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Raw Audio File: Denise Caskey

When we started the lecture and reviewed “The Art of Gathering Audio,” I knew that this was going to be a challenging assignment. After learning the 15 tips for interviewing someone with an audio recorder, I was prepared to choose a quiet location and engage with my interviewee.

Here is my raw audio file:

Photo by dcaskey.com

Photo by dcaskey.com
Link to Pagan101

Interviewing Denise was a lot of fun. I enjoyed learning about her practice of being a Pagan. I felt comfortable interviewing Denise with an audio recorder. I mentally prepared myself to be quiet and to ask good questions that would encourage Denise to give interesting facts. We set the audio recorder on a table and did not touch it at all. That made it easier for us to focus on each other and what we were saying, rather than focus on the recorder. That resulted in Denise going a little over time, but because I was unfamiliar with the recorder I had to ask her how to turn it off. That could have been avoided by knowing where the button was before interviewing, but that is why I am in this class learning how to interview.

I learned from this experience that the more eye contact you make with someone and avoid looking at the recorder, the more focused the interviewee will be. I enjoyed learning more about Denise and it is fun to hear our voices on a recorder.

I would have liked to know the topic prior to interviewing Denise so I could have researched Paganism a little more and asked more in depth questions. We had a little background noise during our interview when Denise’s dog chose to drink some water, but that again is another learning experience.

Overall I enjoyed this assignment and I am looking forward to editing the file!


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