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My News Diet

Photo Cred: Global Innovation Systems

Photo by Global Innovation Systems

My news diet consists primarily of electronic fast food. Having been raised on a digital diet, I enjoy grazing the buffet of pictures and munching on catchy headlines. When I come upon a story that satisfies my appetite I will enjoy the entire meal. Print media has never been an option I commonly choose. However, when I get a craving for holding a newspaper in my hands I will read the Boomerang, the Tribune Eagle and the New York Times.

My menu consists of both informative and entertainment cuisines. I enjoy staying updated on current events using Google News and USA Today. TMZ, Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) webpage and news shared on Facebook and Twitter keep me socially updated. I am an avid television viewer. I love watching local stations including CBS and Fox networks, as well as the national networks. It is common for me to stumble across a current event on YouTube and watch some of my favorite celebrities interview on personality shows.

I am a firm believer of creating my own opinion on a biased issue by researching and accumulating facts from several credible news sites. I validate their credibility by comparing facts to other networks and reporters. I do enjoy using the Google search engine to quickly find statistics and facts to answer questions related to the news.

The dessert menu of my news diet would be entertainment news. I consider it informative because the content makes up such a large part of our world. Entertainment news is also instrumental in my life because it is how I plan to make a living someday. This became evident to me when I worked as an intern for a marketing company that creates press releases, feature stories and a lot of newsworthy content for PRCA events. I worked at the College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) and Cheyenne Frontier Days, as well as created footage for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These media outlets became great tools to share information to our audience. It also became an educational tool to share biographies about the PRCA contestants as well as share updated rodeo results. The CNFR was also an opportunity for me to work with ESPNU personnel and meet their freelance personality, Maria Prekeges.

ESPNU Personality - Maria Prekeges

ESPNU Personality – Maria Prekeges

What I love most about pursuing a career in the industry of entertainment news is the opportunity to share my passion with the people around me including my friends, family and strangers. The information I share includes Twitter handles, Facebook links and other outlets where they can find information about the rodeos I work for. I enjoy digital media because organizations can reach audiences from around the world. Most everyone I speak to agrees on the topic of rodeo and supports the PRCA. There are anti-rodeo organizations that disagree with the sport, and as an industry it is our job to try and counter their arguments by being truthful and transparent.

If there was something that I would change about my news diet, it would be creating a more balanced plate. My sweet tooth (entertainment news) makes up a large portion of my meal. The reason I would change this is because I enjoy learning about current events; however, I struggle with taking the time to read the material.

At the end of the day I feel satisfied with my news diet! I love the digital media industry and I can’t wait to see how my appetite changes over the next few years!

– Sami Jo


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